Ed Sheeran Forced to Quit Twitter After Trolls "Ruin His Day"

Photo: Stefania D'Alessandro/Getty

Ed Sheeran doesn't miss the way Twitter makes him feel.

The "Castle on the Hill" hitmaker revealed that he's bid goodbye to Twitter and his 19.2 million followers in an interview on Monday with The Sun because "There's nothing but people saying mean things," Entertainment Weekly reports.

Admitting that he's found that "one comment ruins [his] day" while scrolling through his feed, the flame-haired Brit said, "I've come off Twitter completely. I can't read it" as he tries to wrap his head around the intense hatred and criticism he receives from trolls.

"I think Twitter gets on a massive steam roll of assuming things and then you get in the s—," the Glastonbury headliner explained, revealing that most of the anger seems to be directed from fans of other musicians in the business.

"Lady Gaga's fan base read an interview in which they assumed I was talking about her and they all f—ing hate," he recounted during the interview. "And it wasn't anything to do with that at all. The head f— for me has been trying to work out why people dislike me so much."

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While fans can put their hopes for a retweet on the back burner, the "Shape of You" star did reveal one silver lining: the U.K. newspaper reports that Sheeran's Twitter account won't go away entirely as it will still automatically share links to his Instagram posts.

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