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Julianne Hough
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We're inching closer and closer to the Dancing with the Stars finale! The semi-finals got underway on Monday night and every single contestant brought their A-game. Another person who executed to perfection was judge Julianne Hough, who took our breath away with a captivating ensemble. Her glam dream team did it again! With Anita Patrickson on fashion, Spencer Barnes on makeup, and Jill Buck on hair, how could a woman go wrong?

"Julianne and Monique Lhullier have a very long red carpet history," Patrickson explained to InStyle. "So it was such fun putting Jules in a gorgeous girly Monique gown. Its gorgeously delicate purple and yellow embroidery was anchored with the big black velvet bow. I accessorized with black and white Neil Lane diamonds and left the rest to Jules!" No one makes a dress like Lhuillier. Case in point: Hough's stunning gown for the night.

Julianne Hough DWTS - Embed - 3
Credit: Anita Patrickson

Like all of us, Buck absolutely cannot believe that semi-finals week has already arrived. The style and beauty-focused quartet has had quite the run on the show, haven't they? Of Hough's hair, Buck stated, "I really wanted to do something whimsical and pretty to match tonight's dress and Julianne chimed in with 'let's do braids!'" Clearly, Hough has an eye for beauty.

"So braids it was," Buck continued. "I first rough dried her hair with a few spritzes of Marula Oil Style Extending Primer and divided her hair into 3 sections. I did an inverted French braid very loosely for each section and secured with a clear plastic band. Next, comes the magic dust: Unite Expanda that helps give my braids texture."

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Credit: Jill Buck

Buck then pulled it apart and separated the braid with pins, criss crossing them at the end. "My last finishing touch was silver rings by Doloris Petunia and R+CO flexible hair spray!" And pink was clearly on the makeup agenda for Barnes, as Hough's entire face had the most beautiful, rosy glow.

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Credit: Jill Buck

As for that dramatic makeup: Barnes wanted to play into Hough's romantic, feminine hair and gown. "I tapped into a little color theory to really help Jules radiate by choosing split-complimentary colors to play off her incredible blue eyes (gold, pinks, amethyst, plum, copper-champagne)," Barnes says.

"I created the eye shape first using e.l.f. Cosmetics Mad for Matte 2 eyeshadow palette, then added metallic sheen using e.l.f. Sunset Prism Eyeshadow palette applied with some of my favorite precision elf brushes," he said.

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Credit: Spencer Barnes

For Monday night, he didn't fill in Julianne's brows as he often does. "Instead I used e.l.f. brow gel—which has an impressive finishing hold to push her brow hairs up in the fronts for a more naturally boyish effect—a nice touch paired with the pretty makeup," he explained. "To finish her pout, I started with e.l.f. Bitten Pink liquid lipstick, followed by Berry Kiss lip gloss to add depth and dimension, balancing her eyes and accenting the dress detail." (Check out a close-up of her beauty look on People.com.)

"We all just returned late the night before from Julianne's role as host for Miss USA," Barnes said. "I'm inspired by Julianne's incredible schedule as she continues energetically spreading her sunshine, empowerment, and positivity through her work.

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Credit: Anita Patrickson

So are we!

Catch the Dancing with the Stars two-night season finale kicks off next Monday, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.