By Faith Cummings
Updated Apr 11, 2017 @ 11:30 am

Let's be honest: Julianne Hough is absolutely slaying in the style department on Dancing with the Stars this season! On Monday's Most Memorable Year episode, stylist Anita Patrickson, makeup artist Spencer Barnes, and hair stylist Jill Buck once again gave the show's judge a gorgeous look—effortlessly combining in-your-face glamour, embellishment, and a beauty nod to one of our favorite French icons.

"Tonight, we opted for a slinky, inky midnight blue sequin slip (a Martha Medeiros dress)," Patrickson told InStyle. "The garment feels very '90s, but when Spencer and Jill got glowing on the glam we ended up with a Brigitte Bardot-inspired look! Julianne can wear anything and look amazing, but I love her in garments with a low back." Agreed, she wears them to perfection! And naturally, the accessories completed the ensemble. "We finished off the look with simple strappy heels and some vintage diamonds from Neil Lane.

Credit: David Livingston/Getty
Credit: Eric McCandless/Getty

When it came to her hair choice for the evening, Buck "drew inspiration from a classic look," à la the French style and beauty icon. "Bardot's signature 'bump' was created by backcombing the crown and securing with a small elastic band—leaving the hair in front of her ear out. Julianne has very thick hair so, off of a middle part, I back combed 2-inch sections and pinned in place the top layers so it didn't fall flat." Buck's T3 1 1/4-inch iron was responsible for Hough's very soft and subtle waves. "Unite's Expand Dust was my go to product using it all throughout her hair for texture and grit." She then finished with a small bow and R & CO.'s Outer Space Flexible Hairspray.

Credit: Julianne Hough / Instagram

And Barnes finished it all off with sexy, but slightly retro makeup "using black and cobalt eyeshadows on the lids from Vapour Beauty, with extra thick lashes to create extra density and power at the lashline and soft baby pinkish lips by Lord & Berry Cosmetics—paired with Skin Lip Gloss."

Credit: Julianne Hough / Instagram

The famed makeup artist revealed that Hough had been rehearsing day in and day out for her and brother Derek's MOVE - Beyond - Live on Tour. "We got a sneak peek of the amazing things she, Derek, and their dance company have in store. Can't wait to see it live!" We echo his sentiments completely. Check out more fun footage at and tune in next week for more behind-the-scenes coverage.