Dua Lipa's Latest Outfit Is Pure Money, Literally

Money, money, money.

From shipwrecked-chic to '70s disco glamour, Dua Lipa loves a theme when it comes to getting dressed. And her latest outfit hit it right on the money, literally.

Dua Lipa Dollar Bill Outfit

For a late-night outing in London on Friday, the pop star stepped out in a look that was the sartorial equivalent of flaunting your wealth. Dressed like a human hundred-dollar bill, Dua wore a sheer cropped shirt emblazoned with the green American dollar bill print, as well as a matching pair of see-through pants that showed off her black lacy lingerie underneath. Green lace-up stiletto boots and a scattering of diamond rings on each hand played into the money theme, as did her sparkling green eyeshadow. Adding her signature dose of chaos, Dua combined a mismatch of accessories, sporting a silver butterfly chain belt, a cowboy boot necklace, and a glittery shoulder bag.

Dua, of course, also documented the look on Instagram, captioning a slideshow of photos of her posing in the rear of a car, "backseat freestyle."

Before yesterday, Dua's most recent outfit theme was a cross between clubwear and dadcore. On Sunday, the singer-songwriter shared her OOTD, which consisted of a a holographic two-piece set and chunky metallic sneakers with white tube socks. She finished off the look with fishnets, sparkly smoky eye makeup, and soft waves. There's seriously no telling what she'll think of next.

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