Dua Lipa Maximized Her Thong's Exposure with a Pair of Baggy, Low-Rise Jeans

This was no accident.

Days after making the case for low-rise pants, Dua Lipa doubled down on her stance and added in the trend's cringey counterpart with her latest outfit: the exposed thong.

On Sunday, the pop star, who is currently on the European leg of her world tour, took the day off, trading in her on-stage catsuits for something much more laid-back. In a mirror selfie shared to her Instagram Story, Dua paired her loose, low-slung jeans with a flossy baby blue G-string that she hiked all the way above her hips for maximum exposure. To complete the outfit, she wore an oversized ribbed crewneck in navy, a red and beige Yankees baseball cap with her dark hair flowing out from underneath, and a red oval clutch.

Dua Lipa Exposed Thong Instagram

Her face was obscured by her purple iPhone case, which expertly matched her manicure.

This isn't the first time Lipa has had an intentional whale tail moment. Last year, the singer wore an LBD with a logo-emblazoned thong and made it look like it was part of the dress (it wasn't), and in one of her most recent Instagram photo dumps, she showed off her lacy blue underwear while wearing low-rise denim once again. She finished off the outfit with a yellow cutout T-shirt and neon green shoes.

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