Dua Lipa Wore a Very Serious Blazer With the Shortest Skirt We've Ever Seen

Is waistband-length a thing?

It's far cry from the world's tiniest, barely-there bikini — but maybe not that far. In a new Instagram gallery, Dua Lipa wore an all-business blazer with a high neck, long, flared sleeves, and bold, square shoulders. Lipa wore the jacket in a field of wildflowers and while the look looked sedate and modest, one of the shots revealed that underneath the statement outerwear, Lipa had on what might be the shortest skirt, ever.

Lipa toned down the somber feeling of the grey jacket with other touches, as well, including a few tiny braids in her hair, a handful of rings, and, of course, the micro-mini skirt that cut up her leg to reveal plenty of skin. The skirt and its huge slit may steal the show, but Lipa's blazer has plenty going on, too, including an asymmetrical pocket and covered unique lapel. She finished the look with knee-high, crocodile-embossed black boots and bright pink eyeshadow.

Dua Lipa IG

"🌷🌼🍃 𝕗𝕠𝕣𝕖𝕤𝕥 𝕟𝕪𝕞𝕡𝕙 🍃🌼🌷," she wrote alongside the images, continuing her M.O. of head-scratching Instagram captions.

Lipa's latest look continues her fashion tour de force, which includes her crocheted micro bikini and one of the most confusing and popular (according to Lipa and Bella Hadid, at least) fashion pieces du jour, a cutout unitard.

Just yesterday, Lipa celebrated her 26th birthday wearing a playful, polka-dot suit. And while it had full pants and not a tiny skirt, she did pair it with a sheer bra. She topped off that look with a fuzzy Technicolor hat, just in case any fans thought turning a year older meant that she'd grow out of adding a dash of fun to her outfits.

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