Dua Lipa Paired a Corset with an Unexpected Jacket

Bridgerton meets yeehaw.

At this point, Dua Lipa's Instagram photo dumps are legendary, thanks to the plethora of iconic outfits hidden in each one. And her latest slice-of-life slideshow is no different.

On Thursday, the pop star shared a series of photos, simply captioned "home is where the 💜 is." The nine pictures show what looks like a recording studio, as well as Dua in a pair of jeans with a butterfly embellishment across the back, in addition to a close-up of her face with rainbow lighting shining next to her. But hidden among the photo dump was the singer's take on 2021's most popular top: the corset.

In an outfit selfie, she can be seen wearing a white, boned corset with a pair of black jeans and a vinyl jacket printed with illustrations of cowboys. The unexpected pairing gave off Bridgerton-meets-yeehaw vibes and, well, we don't hate it.

Dua Lipa

On Thursday, Dua also announced her new campaign for YSL Beauty, which, in addition to her Versace runway debut, is only further proof that she's become a certified fashion icon.

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