Dua Lipa Wore an Ab-Baring Asymmetrical Butterfly Top

No one does an outfit photo dump like Dua.

Fall may have officially started, but it's still summer where Dua Lipa is — at least, according to her latest dump of outfit photos.

On Wednesday, the pop star dropped a slideshow of photos on Instagram of herself seemingly on vacation, with shots alongside the water and in a luxurious bathroom. In the of the photos, Dua can be seen wearing an asymmetrical butterfly top with a pair of faded dark grey jeans and a choker necklace, effectively giving us the early aughts aesthetic she's become so adept at recreating.

Dua Lipa

In other photos from the slideshow, she can be seen wearing a semi-sheer mini dress, as well as a matching printed two-piece. No one does an outfit photo dump like Dua.

Last week, the pop star took her street style to the runway, making her catwalk debut in Versace's Milan Fashion Week show.

For her opening look, she wore skirt suit, made of a black jacket with an ab-revealing cutouts on the side and a matching skirt with a slit held together by colorful safety pins. She accessorized with a pair of platform sandals, mismatched earrings, and bright eye shadow.

Dua Lipa

Now that she's a Versace-certified fashion icon, we can only hope for more sartorial inspiration to come.

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