Drake Just Got … Bangs?

Let the memes begin.

Fresh off claiming the crown of 2020's most-streamed artist, Drake celebrated 5 billion streams like anyone else facing a major achievement. He got bangs. In a now-deleted photo posted to his Instagram Story (deleted, not expired, just to be clear), Drake posted a photo of his hair, which didn't just have a heart shaved into the side but also included fresh fringe.

"BIG #MOOD" was his simple caption and though the photo disappeared, fans captured it pretty quickly so that the iconic bowl-buzz-bang moment wouldn't be lost in the ether of the internet.


According to Page Six, some Twitter users claimed that the bangs were the product of Photoshop, not a session in the stylist's chair. Without any context from Drake himself, fans were left to wonder exactly what he thought when he adopted Justin Bieber's 2010 look, real or not.

Not everyone loved the look, though we could be blessed with a brand-new Drake meme thanks to the style.

Others pointed out that the heart could be a callout to his upcoming album, Certified Lover Boy. And while the bangs are off his feed, Drake's subsequent posts do feature the buzzed-in heart.

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