Doja Cat Just Shaved Her Head and Eyebrows on Instagram Live

Do it for the ‘gram.

Doja Cat
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At this point, there are few hair colors that Doja Cat hasn't sported. But one look she'd yet to try on (until now, that is)? A super-short buzz cut, which she not only just debuted while on Instagram Live, but showed her followers the process of also shaving her eyebrows off from start to finish.

After buzzing her hair, the pop star moved onto her brows before getting candid with her more than 23,000 viewers about why she made the decision. "You guys have seen me wear my natural hair out. I had, like, two eras where my hair would be out," Doja said. "I would straighten it ...There was a moment where it was natural, and I don't even wear it natural 'cause I don't feel like it and it's just a f**ing nightmare, dude. I'm over it."

Doja Cat Instagram Live
Doja Cat Instagram Live

The singer added that she was "really liking" the new look and saw "no point" in keeping her hair since she usually wears wigs for concerts and appearances. Another plus: Doja noted that her "wigs are going to lay flatter if I ever do wanna wear a wig" with the buzzed length.

"What is use of having hair if you're not going to f**ing wearing it out?" she added. "I don't even sport it, so I'm shaving it off. There's no point. I've never felt so f**ing happy, like ... it's very funny how much of an effect taking my hair off my head has positively influenced me."

Doja continued, "I can swim, which is a big deal for me because I love to surf. I can swim, I can work out, I can do like real strenuous workouts and sweat my ass off" and later hilariously concluded, "I'm glad my head is a good shape. I was scared it was going to give peanut head ... I was like, 'What the f**k does my head look like without hair?'"

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