Paris Jackson
Credit: parisjackson/Instagram

Paris Jackson has made no secret of her love for body art—but is she adding another tattoo to her collection already?

It's definitely a possibility. The late Michael Jackson's 18-year-old daughter posted an Instagram video of herself Monday that showed her beaming as she sat near a friend who was getting a leg tattoo (below).

It wouldn't be a huge surprise if she were there to get one herself, too, considering that the video came just a day after Tommy Lee tweeted a shot of Jackson showing off her new "Motley" lip tattoo. "Omfg!!!! @ParisJackson you are a beautiful creature," Lee captioned the photo, which showed the teen pulling down her lip to show the tat on the inside of it. Since it's a lip tattoo, it won't be around for long, though, Jackson noted. "Most lip tattoos are temporary and y'all have been my favorite since i was 12, so i figured why not. glad you like!!," she tweeted in response.

This is just the latest of many tats that Jackson has inked on her body. Prior to her lip ink, she posted a snap of herself last week getting a tattoo on her arm in honor of her father that said "Queen of My Heart." She explained the meaning of it in the caption, saying, "Queen of My Heart" in his handwriting. To everyone else he was the King of Pop. To me, well, he was the king of my heart. Thank you @dermagraphink, you're a legend."

Just a day before that, Jackson shared another photo which showed a colorful lotus flower tattoo she got in honor of her grandmother Katherine Jackson. "Kǎisèlín" for Grandma Katherine, done by the ink goddess herself @thetattooprincess. Love you, G-Ma," she captioned the photo, which showed her flashing the arm tattoo as she stood next to the tatoo artist who inked it. That's three tattoos in less than a week.

It's tough to keep track of exactly how many tats she has at this point, but Jackson, who turned the big 1-8 April 3rd, has showed off a "Faith, trust and pixie dust" tattoo on her shoulder, a potted cactus on her ankle, and a wrist tattoo of a skyline as well.

Considering she also posted an Instagram snap of her boyfriend drawing on her arm, with the caption, "sketches," it's safe to say there are more to come.