Demi Moore Posed with a Huge Stone Penis

Cue the memes in 3, 2, 1.

Demi Moore's European tour is getting a huge highlight — literally. After making a statement at Fashion Week with her daughter, Scout, it seems like the mother-daughter duo is taking some time to enjoy the local museums. In a new Instagram post, Moore poses beside a huge stone sculpture of a penis. Though she didn't share exactly which museum houses the piece of phallic art, there's no doubt it's about to become a cultural (or at least pop culture) landmark.

Moore wears a printed red Fendi dress in the photo, completing her outfit with a matching Fendi Peekaboo bag, mustard-colored Giuseppe Zanotti boots, and gold aviator glasses. The statue is undeniably massive. Even behind glass and sitting on a dais, it looks taller than Moore is — and she's reportedly 5 foot 5.

"Admiring the art, part 2," she wrote. For anyone wondering, Part 1 saw her posing with a less phallic work by Van Gough and had a cameo from Scout, too.

Moore's itinerary included attending the AZ Factory, Chloé, and Stella McCartney fashion shows in Paris and, before those, a stop at the Fendace mashup presentation in Italy. She also celebrated the two-year anniversary of her book, Inside Out.

"Throughout my life and in writing this book, I have learned that our tormentors are in fact our greatest mentors, and in the process of healing we can find gratitude, compassion, acceptance and understanding for them — and, most importantly, for ourselves," she wrote in a commemorative post.

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