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"Looking at the life I've lived, the things we've done, it's incredible and I'm so appreciative."

Demi Moore
Photo: Demi Moore in clothing and accessories by Chanel. Photo by Camilla Armbrust/Jones Management

For my first InStyle cover [1994], the story was called “Demi’s Victorian Secret.” My “secret” was our house in Sun Valley, Idaho [where the photos were taken]. That’s what we call our dollhouse, even though it is just a regular historic home. That shoot did contain one-of-a kind art dolls, though. I still have them.

My style has stayed the same in terms of concept, which is classic with a twist. I love vintage [clothes and accessories] and have a very extensive collection. I like a little bit of humor and coziness. There are two different sides of me: the dressy side, which is still like playing dress-up, and then IRL, in one of my 20 pairs of overalls. Meanwhile, my dolls’ style has gotten smaller. They’re miniature size now, or maybe that’s just sample size? [laughs]

VIDEO: Demi Moore Looks Back at Her InStyle Covers

When I was in the September 1997 issue [“What’s Sexy Now!”], I said, “I think truth is sexy.” I would say I still believe and support that. That was also around the time I had shaved my head [for G.I. Jane], so I felt a need to grow my hair, almost like Samson, to regain my strength. I had decided to stay home and be with my kids. I decided to let my hair grow and grow. Then I got really attached to it. I mean, look [swishes her hair, which reaches almost to her rear].

For the October 2000 issue, I got to wear a lot of really super-fun things. I got to wear sunglasses that are in my vintage collection, ones that belonged to the Duchess of Windsor, and my antique monocular.

We still have the dollhouse, and my ideal day is still at home in Idaho. I get up and do a brief but lovely meditation. I look out into a backyard that is a sanctuary of peace and serenity. It’s just so gorgeous. I’ll have my coffee and go for a little stroll with the dogs. Then I’ll do my Mirror Workout [an interactive home gym]. You can put in whatever type of class you want to take—they’re right there—and then the program keeps track of it. You can join live classes too.

I have this book coming out [a memoir, Inside Out, on September 24], and it’s a totally new experience. It was a very intimate, challenging project. The most important part was when I had to go back through all my things, and I started to gain an incredible depth of appreciation. Everything I had perceived as negative or bad, I now appreciate. I was recently going through thousands of photos, and, I mean, looking at the life I've lived, the things we've done, it's incredible and I'm so appreciative. One of the funniest things I came across was when [former husband] Bruce [Willis] and I flew the girls [daughters Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah] to Columbus, Ohio, to see the Spice Girls. The pictures are so cute of just how excited they were.

I feel like I’ve been in an incubating period where I haven’t necessarily known what direction I was going to go in or what I was supposed to be doing. It can feel like you’re floating in the abyss. Now, with the book, I realize I am ambitious for a combination of things that aren’t external — self-love, self-acceptance, and self-forgiveness, and for real connection. I feel like I’m a caterpillar coming out of the cocoon. I’m going to be a butterfly. Which entails actually leaving the house.

How I’d describe myself in three words:

In 1994 — Chubby, Chubby, Chubby (But in all fairness, I had just had a baby.)

Today — Quirky, Eccentric, Happy

Photographed by Camilla Armbrust on June 12 in Los Angeles. Styling: Brad Goreski for The Wall Group. Hair: Gregory Russell for The Wall Group. Makeup: Jo Strettell for Tracey Mattingly. Manicure: Jenna Hipp for Nailing Hollywood. Production: Kelsey Stevens Productions

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