Demi Lovato Showed Off Their Underboob in an Extreme Crop Top

Crop tops are cool for the summer.

Demi Lovato Black-and-White Dress Documentary Premiere
Photo: Getty Images

Demi Lovato is making an extremely convincing case for the ultra-crop top in their latest social media post. On Sunday, the singer took to their Instagram for a series of sexy selfies captured by photographer Angelo Kritikos in the most cropped tank top to ever exist.

In the images, Demi wore a white underboob-baring sleeveless shirt with super baggy, ripped and frayed black jeans. Massive platform Converse sneakers peeked out from under the split-hem pants, and Demi accessorized with silver drop earrings, a matching choker, and thin, reflective shades.

In the first snap, Demi raised their hands above their head, showing off their many arm tats and seemingly revealing their nipples that were strategically covered with white Xs. In the second photo, Demi folded their arms behind their head, and in the next snapshot, they wrapped their arms around their shoulders and displayed long black nails while staring into the camera.

"Lemme jump your bones….," Demi captioned the carousel.

The powerhouse vocalist has proved to have a sense of humor when it comes to social media. Earlier this month, Demi posted a mirror selfie in a bathroom to their grid and acknowledged the bad lighting. "Warning: My face is heavily weirdly filtered due to bad bathroom lighting 😩," they joked.

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