Demi Lovato's Sheer Dress Gave a Peek at Their Nipple Piercings

And that's not the only piercing they're showing off.

Just as the world was getting used to Demi Lovato's new spider tattoo — the one they got on their head, remember — and their industrial piercing, a new Instagram post reminded followers that they've got some not-so-visible piercings, too. In their latest photo gallery, Lovato wears a multi-colored patterned dress that's so sheer that it gives a subtle peek at their nipple piercings.

Fans have known about the two nipple piercings since at least 2021, but Lovato hasn't shown them off as often as their extensive collection of tattoos. Past shots have given followers very clear evidence, but they haven't been behind sheer fabric until now.

"Get your tickets to the freak show baby ..." they captioned the images, which also showed off Lovato's now-signature short, cropped hair and trademark strong eyebrows. They also have long, glossy black nails and a set of long, fluttery lashes.

Teen Vogue adds that Lovato's nipple piercings are currently coordinating with a very special pierced manicure. Celebrity manicurist Natalie Minerva, who is also behind Euphoria's manicures, designed the slightly sinister set after Lovato asked for "LONG and PIERCED," according to her Instagram post.

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