Demi Lovato Commemorates the Anniversary of her Overdose With a Heartfelt Message

"Feeling so grateful."

Today marks the second anniversary of Demi Lovato's overdose, something she calls her "miracle day." To commemorate, Lovato posted a lengthy note on Instagram thanking her doctors, family, and supporters. In her touching message, she explains that before she got engaged this week, the message on her ring finger — a tattoo that reads "me" — reminded her that loving herself was the most important thing to do. Now that she has accepted that, she notes, she can accept love into her life, something she's sharing with her now-fiancé, Max Ehrich.

"Feeling so grateful so I wrote something... (swipe left)," she captioned her post, which includes a black-and-white photo from the day of her engagement. Her caption finished with a sweet note to Ehrich: "Ps. @maxehrich took this after telling me to close my eyes on the way to propose to me. Love you honey.."

Demi Lovato - Lead
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Lovato shared that she's reached a point in her recovery that she feels "free of [her] demons" and owes that feeling of freedom to the team around her and Ehrich.

"Today is my miracle day," her note begins. "I'm so blessed to have one. It represents how the Dr's [sic] at Cedar's Sinai saved my life. How my life has become something beyond my wildest dreams. Only 2 years after that terrible day, I'm engaged to the love of my life and I can genuinely say I feel free of my demons. Each and every one. I never thought this feeling was possible."

She goes on to say that she's worked on herself more than ever in the time since her overdose and that she's learned to accept herself so that she can accept others into her life.

"Over the past 2 years, I've done more work on myself than I have in my entire life. Things that used to keep me down for weeks or even months, pass like tropical storms," she continued. "Long before I had an engagement ring on my finger, I had the word 'me' to remind myself that no matter what, I vow to love myself. You can't fully love another without loving yourself first."

She finishes her note with a touching thank you to her family and fans, "Thank you to my family, friends and fans for always supporting me and respecting my privacy regarding this journey."

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