Demi Lovato Makes Out with an Ed Sheeran Pillow—and We're Shipping It

Jimmy Fallon got back on the "Ew!" couch with a new sketch featuring Demi Lovato, and the pair weren't shy about getting hot and steamy with Ed Sheeran and Mario Lopez—well, a version of them, anyway.

Monday evening's Tonight Show featured a special appearance from the "Cool for the Summer" songstress, aka "Emily," who joins "bestie forever and ever" Sara to talk about the biggest thing on their minds as the school's spring fling approaches: boys.

"I'm so glad we're going together," Sara confides in her BFF as she shows off the dress she's going to wear to the big dance. "Who needs boys anyway?"

"They're gross!" Emily agrees.

Fallon, who is at a new level of "Ew!" as he reprises his teen character to perfection, then takes emoji selfies with the pop star—decked out in silver sequins and mini pigtails—before Sara wonders out loud, "What if a boy wants to kiss us?"

Luckily for Sara, her BFF has all the answers as the pair take out "crush pillows" of Ed Sheeran and Mario Lopez and practice their lip-locking skills on the "Shape of You" singer's and former Saved by the Bell star's likenesses until they are rudely interrupted by Sara's stepfather, played by Tonight Show writer A.D. Miles.

Then, to take the whole "Ew!" thing to the next level, the friends engage in a game where Demi rates everything from actor Tom Wilkinson to ankle bracelets as "cute" or "ew."

Watch the hilarious segment at the above!

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