Turns out they both have an eye for great jewelry.

Danielle Jonas Jewelry Collection
Credit: Courtesy

If you look closely, you can spot Danielle Jonas wearing bracelets inspired by her daughters, Alena, 5, and Valentina, 3, in the Jonas Brothers’ music video for their hit comeback song, “Sucker.” But that little video Easter egg isn't just a way for Kevin's wife to have a cute family moment onscreen — it also speaks to Jonas's other full-time job.

When she wasn’t on the road with her husband Kevin’s recently reunited band or hanging out with her fellow J Sisters, sisters-in-law Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Sophie Turner, the mother of two found time to launch her own jewelry company, which shares her name. And now, her latest collection, dubbed "New Beginnings" is out.

“I wanted to create pieces that are unique and easy to wear,” Jonas tells InStyle. “I’m always a huge fan of the dainty pieces, and I wanted to create a line that had the ability to mark a special moment in your life.” The new collection features 14 pieces that surround opal stones in different settings that include necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings, all done in 18K gold-plated sterling silver. Prices range from $40 to $70, and sales are all direct-to-consumer on the brand's website.

Jonas decided to spotlight opal for this launch, because both her grandmother and her younger daughter share the October birthstone. “Opal symbolizes a few different things, but the one that really speaks to me is a new beginning,” she says. “I wanted to create a delicate keepsake in honor of that, whether it’s related to school or a job or any other occasion.”

Jonas’s family has recently embarked on quite a few new beginnings of their own (the fact that this collection is named New Beginnings and her husband’s most recent album is titled “Happiness Begins” is purely a coincidence, she confirms). “Alena started school and went to kindergarten, so that was a huge new beginning,” says Jonas. “Kevin started the band again, so that’s been a new beginning at home and on the road. He always had a smile on his face, even at home. But this is a different smile.”

Career success aside, the Jonases have a lot to celebrate in the near future. Their 10th wedding anniversary is coming up in December, and though Danielle says she’s dropped a few hints to Kevin on the gift front, the couple is simply focused on enjoying the milestone. “We’re more concerned about what we are going to do for our 10-year anniversary,” she says. “We’re trying to figure out if we should go away or if we’re going to have a party.”

Though her husband suggested a vow renewal, Jonas thinks that would be better for another anniversary down the road. “I know 10 years is big, but is it big enough?” she asks. “I know in celebrity years, it’s like 20!” Even so, Kevin recently honored his bride with an artistic tattoo.

With romance blossoming all around them — Kevin’s brothers, Joe and Nick, both got married in the past year — Jonas has one tried-and-true tip for the newlyweds. “Listen to each other — that’s the biggest thing,” she says. “Having good communication is everything.” And this is something she says her husband is exceptionally good at, which he proved with one particularly meaningful gift early on in their relationship. “Back when we were dating, I was saving money to buy myself a tennis bracelet but then my puppy got sick, and I used the money toward my puppy,” she recalls. “He found that out and got me a tennis bracelet for my birthday.”

With her new collection out in time for the holidays, Jonas is about to be the one doing some gifting. “I would love to give [pieces] to my sisters-in-law,” she says. “They’ve always been so supportive, and it’s really nice to have that — especially because they’re girls, and I can ask them for their opinions. That’s really nice, because I was always surrounded by boys.”

Jonas has long admired Turner’s and Chopra’s personal styles. “Everyone’s individual, which is cool,” she says. “Sophie could be very laid back, and then super elegant. I feel like we’re learning from each other’s different styles. It’s very helpful and comforting.”

Still, when it comes to fashion opinions, Jonas often turns to her husband — especially for her designing her jewelry line. “I ask him [for his opinion] all the time,” she says. “He has a good eye for things.” So good, in fact, that they’ve been talking about Kevin potentially designing a men’s collection for her line. “I would love that, but we’ll see,” she says. “Maybe once his schedule gets a little lighter.”

Between their own career pursuits and spending time with family, the couple is certainly keeping busy. But they haven’t ruled out giving fans a closer look at their day-to-day with a return to reality TV. “We have talked about it,” Jonas says of rebooting their 2012 E! series, Married to Jonas. “We’re not like, ‘Absolutely no,’ because now the girls are a little older. So we are talking about it, but with Kevin on the road right now, I don’t think it’s exactly in the future yet.”

Now that Alena and Valentina are aware of their dad’s fame, they’ve become full-on JoBro fans. “At the beginning of the tour, Alena was a total fangirl,” says Jonas. “Every time she saw them on TV, she’d go crazy and would be jumping on the couch.”

The mini-groupies love watching their dad and uncles perform — but for the grownups, watching the little ones get excited is the biggest thrill. “I think we watch them the most to see what their reaction is,” says Jonas. “The girls are both very, very proud of them."