Melanie Griffith Shared Throwback a Photo of Herself with Daughter Dakota Johnson

Nine-year-old Dakota looks just like her mother.

Melanie Griffith has been taking a walk down memory lane on her Instagram recently, and inevitably, it included a throwback to old photos of herself and daughter Dakota Johnson.

Over the weekend, the actress shared a photo from 1998 of herself with Dakota, whom she shares with ex-husband Don Johnson. "Dakota and Mama 1998," she captioned the picture. In the photo, watermarked October 3rd 1998 (just a day before Dakota's 9th birthday), Griffith can be seen with her arms around her daughter, the two of them seated on an olive green couch.

With the blonde hair and excellent bone structure, young Dakota looks just like her mother.

Griffith also shared a photo of herself with her mother, actress Tippi Hedren, sitting poolside together in high-waisted bathing suits in 1962.

Like many of us, Griffith has spent the last few weeks of quarantine going through old photos, even sharing a few with exes Antonio Banderas, Don Johnson, and Steven Bauer.

Earlier this year, Dakota made an at-home appearance on The Graham Norton Show, and spoke about her famous grandmother's love of lions and tigers, revealing Hedren "has 13 or 14 lions and tigers," a marked reduction from the "like, 60 cats" she used to have.

We'd love a share of whatever cool genes are in the Hedren/Griffith/Johnson dynasty.

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