Pocket Rebel Dakota Johnson Is Once Again Making a Point With Her Outfit

And she's back at it with the giant scrunchie.

Dakota Johnson is no stranger to accessorizing with a giant scrunchie — and now she's proving the versatility of her favorite hair accoutrement.

Johnson was photographed a coffee run in Malibu on Monday, wearing a pale yellow graphic printed T-shirt with beige belted trousers and a pair of Gucci loafers. She also donned a blue paisley scarf as a protective face mask, although the real finishing piece of the outfit (aside from her giant emerald ring) was the giant orange scrunchie she wore on her wrist, giving the smart-casual look an unexpected pop of color.

Last week Johnson went viral when a Twitter user joked that women's grip had "evolved" because of the lack of pockets in women's clothing. This week, she did it once again carrying all of her accessories (wallet, keys, phone AND coffee) in her hands.

Dakota Johnson Wears Giant Scrunchie as a Bracelet

Johnson was last seen wearing said giant scrunchie back in February, pulling her hair back into a half-up half-down bun.

The humble scrunchie: A practical hair tie and an unexpectedly chic bracelet, all in one.

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