Daisy Ridley
Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty

Every now and then, celebrities reveal to the world that in some ways, they have oops moments just like us. Daisy Ridley, who has consistently been one of Hollywood's most openly honest stars on social media, proved yesterday just how relatable she is by sharing a video of what she termed a "slightmare."

What went so wrong in the world of Ridley? In the clip posted to her Instagram, the Star Wars actress confesses that she Googled at-home remedies for skin and "might have been slightly liberal with the turmeric." "Slightly" is an understatement, as the video reveals the the starlet's beautiful face completely lathered up in yellow turmeric powder. Following three face with tears of joy emojis, Ridley captions the post, "I scrubbed my face and I am YELLOW! Ahahahahaha. Will have to see if I'm a squeaky clean clear skinned goddess in the morning... #wishmeluck."

Despite the clear DIY beauty disaster on her hands, Ridley stays positive, laughing about her embarrassing predicament. The 24-year-old has previously shared positive messages on social media addressing self-esteem and self-love. This latest confession underscores just how easygoing and likable the British actress is. Ridley notes that she has to be on set to film the next day, joking, "and it's not Minions 2, it's Star Wars Episode 8." She goes on to say that she'll keep everyone posted on the results of her unorthodox facial, admitting "it could either be a really bad thing, or a really good thing."

So in a way, Daisy Ridley is all of us. It's just that we don't have to go off to work to film Star Wars in the morning.