The Craziest Things Gwyneth Paltrow Has Done in the Name of Wellness

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If you think that making it to the end of a hot yoga class without collapsing on the floor proves you're a wellness champion, then you have a thing or two to learn from Goop guru Gwyneth Paltrow. The ultimate wellness pro, Paltrow has built her brand's success by being her own guinea pig. She's never been one to shy away from a juice cleanse or a seven-day detox, but Paltrow has also pushed the boundaries of testing treatments by experimenting with Eastern healing techniques and putting her whole self (and we do mean every inch of herself) out there for the purpose of bringing the very best of the beauty and wellness worlds to her loyal readers. Here, a few of her most memorable—and sometimes shocking—attempts at finding balance.


Before Michael Phelps at the 2016 Rio Olympics, there was Gwyneth Paltrow at a 2004 New York City film premiere. Paltrow single handedly put the ancient practice of cupping, used to alleviate back and muscle pain, on the pop culture map when she hit the red carpet with a pattern of red welts peeking out from her strapless gown.

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Vaginal Steaming

While cupping may have sent Paltrow fans flocking to their nearest alternative medicine therapist, this one made even her most loyal followers stop in their kale-loving tracks. In 2015, Paltrow sung the praises of the Mugworth V-Steam treatment at Santa Monica's Tikkun Holistic Spa. Goop described the infrared steam cleanse as "an energetic release that balances female hormone levels."


Also known as "bee sting therapy," Paltrow copped to experimenting with this ancient practice in which strategically-placed stingers help get rid of inflammation and scarring. Her assessment? "Man, it's painful," she told the New York Times.

Ayurvedic Therapy

Okay, we have to admit that this one sounds pretty amazing. Paltrow has been a client of one of L.A.'s premiere ayurvedic healers, Martha Soffer, and the practice aims to create harmony among mind, body, and spirit using a blend of massage therapy, oils, and herbs to target problem areas and pain points.

Baby Food Diet

In 2011, Paltrow's longtime trainer and friend Tracy Anderson broke the Internet with rumors of using a baby food cleanse to help her celebrity clients detox. The buzz spawned a trend of followers flocking to grocery stores to stock up on pureed foods for the 14-jar-per-day plan. Though Paltrow hasn't spoken about this one herself, we're betting that some of Goop's more grown-up detox options are just as effective—and probably more delicious.

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