Courteney Cox Recreated 'That' Iconic 'Friends' Moment for Thanksgiving

She's the most giffable part of Turkey Day.

Courteney Cox may just be the reigning MVP of Thanksgiving. Instead of ignoring her place on the pantheon of holiday moments, she's giving fans exactly what they want. In an Instagram post, Cox wished all her followers a happy Thanksgiving before recreating a very special moment from Friends involving a turkey, a dance, and the gif that you probably sent most of your friends yesterday as you all had socially distanced celebrations.

"Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I hope you're having a great day," she started. "I'm feeling so thankful, and also, if I get one more goddamn gif with that turkey on my head dancing like a fucking fool, I'm just gonna snap."

Courteney Cox
Michael Kovac / Stringer

Whether she snapped or not is still up for debate, but a few seconds later, Cox was dancing just like her character, Monica Geller, complete with the shimmy-shake and a raw turkey on her head and oversized sunglasses perched on the bird. The Friends theme song even played as she danced, just in case anyone needed a reminder.

"So anyhow, since I'm the symbol of Thanksgiving, here you go, hope it makes you happy," she finished.

"You DID THAT!!" her co-star Lisa Kudrow commented. Other stars hopped in, too, including Sean Hayes, who wrote, "Haha! Love it. Love you," and Reese Witherspoon. "Love you sister!" she commented.

Cox and her pals are set to come together one more time for HBO Max's Friends reunion special, which is now set to film in March 2021 after several COVID-related setbacks.

"Friends reunion being rescheduled for the beginning of March," star Matthew Perry tweeted. "Looks like we have a busy year coming up. And that's the way I like it!"

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