By Janelle Grodsky
Updated Apr 16, 2016 @ 2:45 pm
Credit: Michael Kovac

Emily Ratajkowski knows a thing or two about surviving music festivals. She has attended Coachella a whopping nine times in a row (starting at the age of 14) and picked up a few pointers along the way for surviving the grounds at Indio, Calif. The festival vet kicked off the three-day music weekend last night with a hosting gig for POPSUGAR's Cabana Club at Avalon Hotel in Palm Springs, Calif. Before plugging in her iPhone at DJ Hannah Bronfman's booth to queue up the next song, we picked her brain on her festival essentials and favorite past experiences.

Her Festival Crew: This time, it's my boyfriend who has never been. I used to go with my friends all the time since I'm from San Diego. I started when I was 14 so this is my ninth time.

Band She's Most Excited to See: LCD Soundsystem

Craziest Coachella Experience: One time, I think I was 16 or 17, my girlfriend and I drove out here and we didn't have tickets because it was a last minute thing. We ended up camping out on the lawn of a hotel in La Quinta because there was no place to stay. This was back in the day when the festival wasn't as big. That was the most fun because it was just her and I bonding.

Dream Headliner: I would love to see Kanye West here. I feel like he would do something really different.

Tools for Survival: Water. Lots of water. Also, a lot of breaks. Spend an extra hour not doing anything during the day, even though it's exciting and you want to start your Coachella'ing early on, just relax. It's a long night.

Desert Beauty Go-Tos: Definitely moisturizers and sunscreens. I used to not wear any makeup at all when I went to Coachella back in the day. Now with the photographers everywhere, I put just a little on.

Packing Strategy: Just remember that it gets a lot colder at night. It's easy to forget that because you're roasting all day. Bring an extra layer during the day even if you have to carry it around, it's worth it later.