By Anne Vorrasi
Updated Mar 24, 2016 @ 6:15 pm
Credit: Courtesy Diana Yen

One quick stroll through Cleo’s Instagram account will reveal one simple truth: This is one special bunny.

The furry beauty seems to be living a rabbit’s—and human’s—dream as the produce specialist at The Jewels of New York (the creative food studio helmed by her mother, food photographer, and stylist Diana Yen). The model and jet-setter keeps her thousands of fans up-to-date on her adventures through her IG account, and so with spring on the mind and Easter just around the corner, we locked down a Q&A with the adorable Cleo herself. (We were slightly surprised to find that we have way more in common with her than we ever would have thought.) Check it out below, in addition to more gratuitous cute pics that will instantly make your day 100 times better.

What are your favorite snacks?
Carrots and bananas are definitely what get my feet thumping!

Any guilty pleasures?
Tortilla chips. I try to eat healthy, but there's nothing like a crispy bag of chips while watching Netflix.

Credit: Courtesy Diana Yen

Where do you like to vacation?
Even though I'm a city rabbit, I love the outdoors. My favorite place is Big Sur in California. It's a magical spot where the forest meets the ocean and I love to hop through the redwood trees and sip fresh water from the creeks.

How do you spend your weekends?
I usually start the mornings with yoga, followed by brunch at Balthazar. I love their eggs Benedict! After that, I walk around to do some window shopping in Soho.

How old are you?
Two years old (although I've been known to shave a couple months off). That's about 20 in human years.

Credit: Courtesy Diana Yen

What kind of bunny are you?
An English angora. We're known for our long, soft fur and puppy-like personalities.

Speaking of your hair, can we dish on your beauty regimen?
The secret to my locks is brushing my fur in the evening with my Mason Pearson boars bristle brush which spreads my natural oils throughout my hair. I also tend to get dark circles under my eyes (from staying up late) so I like to place fresh cucumber slices over them. I leave them there for about 15 minutes and always look brighter and refreshed from them. And they're great for chomping on afterwards!

What’s the most memorable meal that your mom has made for you?
My mom is a food stylist and likes to go to the farmers' market for my veggies. On Thanksgiving she carved me a carrot turkey and made a side of banana hat pie. It was a special meal.

Do you prefer a belly rub or head massage?
Head massages are my weakness!

Credit: Courtesy Diana Yen

Who’s your celebrity crush?
Bugs Bunny has always been my dream guy. Tall, lanky, and looks great in a suit...swoon!

What are your Easter plans?
I host an Easter egg hunt every year with my children pals complete with a decadent brunch, mimosas, and Easter egg dyeing!

Credit: Courtesy Diana Yen