Claudia Schiffer's Latest Fashion Inspiration Isn't Who You Think

It's pretty nostalgic, just like her FRAME collaboration.

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer celebrated her 50th birthday this year, and while there were plenty of Instagram-worthy shots in honor of that major milestone, she also teamed up with FRAME for a collaboration (with a portion of the proceeds going to UNICEF), letting everyone in on the festivities. The styles include a throwback to her favorite era, the '70s, but it turns out her latest fashion inspiration is much more modern.

"I've been watching the Gilmore Girls recently and I love the amazing oversized Aran-knit sweater Lorelai Gilmore wears in the first episode," Schiffer said of who's inspiring her daily uniforms lately. "It reminds me of one I bought just like it by Ralph Lauren, when I first moved to Paris in my early modeling days. It's when my love of knitwear started!"

Claudia Schiffer FRAME Collab
Lucie McCullin

It was the idea of a uniform that helped Schiffer collaborate on the two styles for her FRAME capsule collection, a deep, dark flare, the CS Le Palazzo in Film Noir ($225), and a lighter wash skinny fit, CS Le High Skinny in Poe ($220). Both styles, which are available online at feature a special multi-color cloud design on the back tab, a nod to her nickname, Cloudy. And while low-rise jeans and even carrot-leg jeans may be nabbing the attention of the social-media set ("I haven't been wearing low-rise jeans as much lately, but a carrot-leg jean is great for tucking into knee-high boots with a slouchy cashmere sweater," she offers for anyone who needs a supermodel styling tip), Schiffer's showcasing classic styles, not chasing trends.

"My everyday 'uniform' tends to be based around denim in all of its guises, so I've been wearing FRAME for years," she said. "I'm thrilled that Erik and Jens [Torstensson and Grede, the brand's co-founders] have decided to release for my birthday a limited edition run of two of my favorite styles and I've loved working with them to incorporate my nickname 'Cloudy' into the design."

Naturally, Schiffer stars in the campaign for the collab, which was shot in Munich — a world away from the cozy hamlet of Star's Hollow. The location has a special significance to the super, because one of her favorite pairs of jeans happened to be from Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld himself shot her in them. The silhouette is one of her favorites and why she incorporated a wide-leg style in her new collaboration.

"I've also been wearing again recently, a very special pair of Chanel jeans from the Autumn-Winter 1993 collection, which I wore on the catwalk and for the campaign, shot by Karl," she said. "They're a wide-leg style in a dark wash with an embroidered trim and it was a very denim influenced collection, which we shot in Munich. I'd been working with Karl and Chanel for over five years by then and on that particular trip we were both so happy to be back in our home country."

Claudia Schiffer FRAME Collab
Lucie McCullin

As for turning 50, Schiffer says she's not someone who's scared of aging. It helps that she's got supermodel DNA, but she insists that getting older is something to celebrate, not dread.

"I don't know about myths, but personally I believe age should be celebrated and revered. There's a reason we have cakes and parties on our birthdays, and I feel the same way about getting older each year," she said. "I don't try to look or feel younger, I embrace the now. If you're happy and healthy the rest will follow, and as Michael Caine said to me aging is much better than the alternative option!"

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