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Chanel and Tribeca Teamed Up for a Star-Studded Luncheon

For the third year in a row, Chanel and Tribeca have collaborated to empower a group of up-and-coming female filmmakers with Through Her Lens, a three-day workshop featuring the talent and guidance of Rachel Weisz, Dakota Fanning, Elizabeth Olsen, Mira Nair, Amma Asante, and other prominent members of the entertainment industry.  To mark the start of the program, Chanel and Tribeca hosted the Tribeca Chanel Women's Filmmaker Program Annual Luncheon on Tuesday, where the stars aligned for a charming lunch at N.Y.C.'s Locanda Verde. The guest list was pretty impressive, to say the least, and included , Lola Kirke, Grace Gummer, Zosia Mamet, Jennifer Morrison, Cynthia NixonNatasha Lyonne, and Kyra Sedgwick. Program hosts Jane Rosenthal (Executive Chair of Tribeca Enterprises) and Paula Weinstein (Executive Vice President Tribeca Enterprises) each delivered a powerful speech at the start of the star-studded luncheon, building women up in the wake of the huge wave of stories of sexual misconduct currently rippling through Hollywood—and beyond. “Women must come forward. We must encourage and support each other. We must understand that an assault on one of us is an assault on all of us,” Rosenthal said to an enthusiastic round of applause. VIDEO: FIRSTS Shonda Rhimes [brightcove:5567519215001 player_2] Scroll down to see the many celebrities who came out to the empowering event.

13 Actors Who Must Guest Star on American Horror Story This Season

With a new clown-filled season of American Horror Story kicking off Tuesday, we've got our eyes peeled for the high-caliber guest stars the series is notorious for spotlighting. Will we get Angela Bassett playing a voodoo queen again? Or maybe Lady Gaga reprising her role as the witch of the woods? Only time will tell, but if show creator Ryan Murphy is listening, we've got a few suggestions of who we're hoping to see screaming on our screens.  VIDEO: Colton Haynes Joins American Horror Story Season 7 Scroll through some of our favorite stars who we think could make it out of American Horror Story in one piece (or die trying). 

Here's What Devon Sawa's Been Up to Since Casper

If you came of age during the '90s or early aughts then you probably share some of my most major teen crushes: Jonathan Taylor-Thomas, Freddie Prinze Jr., Erik von Detten, Devon Sawa. All three of the Lawrence brothers made my heart skip a beat, and that's just the short list. But the real heartache is that most of our swoon-worthy young loves have been off the radar since their days in the spotlight. Good news: Devon Sawa is about to re-enter your life. Sawa (of Casper fame), is cast opposite Paula Patton in ABC's new summer drama series Somewhere Between, debuting on Monday, July 24 at 10 p.m. Here's what our detective work pulled up: 

The 4 Beauty Buys Christina Ricci Can’t Live Without

The child star-turned-character actress on maximizing the power of her expressive eyes. MY EYES GIVE ME... An advantage on set. I can communicate things very quickly and in a very distinct way without interrupting dialogue or even changing the tone of my voice. They’re a huge factor in how well I do as an actor. IN THE PAST I'VE BEEN COMPARED TO... Natalie Wood. I knew a casting director in New York who would call me Natalie because he said that I looked like her. That’s when I knew my eyes must be my thing. SOMETIMES MY EYES... Get me into trouble. They can give away my emotions too quickly. WHEN IT COMES TO BEAUTY, I CONSIDER MYSELF... A makeup freak! I like to joke that it’s always evening on my face: I generally do different kinds of smoky eyes. I’ll apply a wash of gold Charlotte Tilbury shadow or contour my eyes using browns from my favorite Tom Ford palette. And I’ll add a little Clé de Peau concealer if I’m tired and my eyes look sunken. MY FAVORITE TRICK TO EMPHASIZE MY EYES IS TO... Line the inner rims with a metallic color that reflects light. The makeup artist Francelle Daly taught me that. MY FAVORITE BEAUTY PRODUCT IS... Mascara. I grew up idolizing Twiggy, so it makes sense. I’ll layer two different formulas so that it looks like I’m wearing false lashes. I DEAL WITH MY EYEBROWS BY... Cutting my bangs so that I can’t touch them. Because you don’t see my brows, you can just ignore them and let them grow in. Now I’ll just do maintenance—remove the stray hair then walk away from the mirror. I think a lot of success with makeup comes from knowing when to stop and walk away. Christina's Must-Haves

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See All of the Stylish Stars at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival

The 2017 Tribeca Film Festival has taken over lower Manhattan this week and celebrities from all around the industry have taken note. Running through Sunday, April 30, the annual event has seen the famous faces of Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, Chloë Sevigny and many, many others.  RELATED: See the Stunning Looks from Chanel’s Annual Tribeca Film Festival Artists Dinner Scroll down below for a look at the stars in their downtown festival attire best.

These Are the Best Halloween Movies to Watch If You're Scared of Everything

There's no shame in being an adult who can't handle scary stuff. Some of us just have a lower tolerance for suspense, gore, ghosts and ghouls. But as soon as the leaves start to turn and daylight hours begin to wane, everyone around us dives head-first into Halloween mode, burdening us faint-hearted folks with the task of dodging scariness at every turn. So, how can you get into the Halloween spirit when you're a bonafide scaredy-cat? First of all: Own it. And second, get up to speed on all the excellent Halloween-centric entertainment that is not scary at all. Read on for our favorite Halloween movies, that are festive and fun, but won't give you nightmares.