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12 Celebrities Who Remind Us that Redheads Can Wear Red
Fashion rules were meant to be broken. There’s perhaps no better example of this than the idea that redheads cannot wear the color red. For years (centuries, maybe), women have been taught to tread lightly when wearing bold colors, leading us to ask seemingly rhetorical questions like “is this too yellow?” For this reason, some don't stray from the black-navy-gray family. For redheads, however, there’s a whole new set of constraints. The first unspoken rule of the ginger sisterhood is that those of the auburn/strawberry/mahogany (et al.) persuasion are not to wear red—EVER. Hollywood’s leading ladies love to break this sartorial law, and we’re so glad they’ve dared to do so. Scroll down below to see 12 famous redheads who wore red and looked incredible.

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The 7 Celebrities Who Didn't Dress for the 100-Degree Heat at the 2015 Emmys
It was hot on the 2015 Emmys red carpet, and not in a sexy way, either. It's a fact that every celebrity (and Giuliana Rancic) couldn't help but mention at every opportunity. At one point, the temps reached a high of 102 degrees. And even though the stars didn't look like they were melting, what they were wearing could have made even the most cold-blooded of us turn into a pool of sweat. Take Christina Hendricks, for instance—she stunned on the red carpet, as she always does, but she wore a curve-hugging Naeem Khan gown so heavily embellished that it made us do a double take. And she's not the only one. We rounded up every single celebrity who didn't dress for the red carpet heat wave (that means no breathable fabrics, cut-outs, and any kind of ventilation whatsoever). RELATED: See All the Looks from the 2015 Emmys Red Carpet