Christina Aguilera Wore Nothing But a Necklace Underneath Her Plunging Leather Blazer

Sexiest power suit to ever exist.

Christina Aguilera
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In typical Christina Aguilera fashion, the singer showed up at Billboard's Women in Music Awards last night and shut down the red carpet in the sexiest power suit ever.

The early aughts diva arrived at the event in a plunging black leather two-piece by Alberta Ferretti without a top underneath. A body chain with two boob-framing gold panels and an emerald center stone was the only item beneath her blazer. Black pointy-toed heels peeked out from under her long baggy trousers, and she accessorized with dangly earrings and several statement rings on her fingers. The chic look was put together by Xtina's stylist Marta Del Rio.

Christina Aguilera
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Her famous platinum blonde tresses were tightly curled and teased out to produce a voluminous look, which was parted down the middle. For her makeup, Xtina opted for exaggerated false lashes and blue-green eyeliner.

The superstar was joined by R&B singer and songwriter H.E.R., and the two posed together on the red carpet. H.E.R. wore a skintight nylon bodysuit with a red, white, and black kimono on top. She added '60s-esque white round shades, and her hair was similarly styled to Christina's with voluptuous curls.

Christina Aguilera and H.E.R.
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During the event, Xtina spoke to Billboard about coming into her power. "I felt empowered when I realised I was in it to please myself," she told the publication. "It was after I had my success with my first record and I did 'Genie' and 'What a Girl Wants' and I was like, 'Okay, I want to do music that really implies the messages that are in my life and inspired my life at that point.'"

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