Christina Aguilera Paired Her Full Latex Gown With Delicate Lacy Gloves

And the longest lashes you've ever seen.

Christina Aguilera Purple Latex Dress Dubai Expo 2020
Photo: Instagram/Xtina

Swapping swathes of skin for something a little more covered-up, Christina Aguilera left her low-cut dresses and open blazers at home when she performed at Expo 2020 Dubai (the event kept 2020 in its name even though it was postponed twice). Her latest Instagram post shows her in an inky indigo gown made entirely of latex, from its high turtleneck bodice down to its flared skirt. Between those two details, it appeared that the dress included a built-in corset and Xtina finished the look with airy, black lace gloves that peeked out from her split sleeves. The look was created by Vex Latex in collaboration with stylist Marjan Malakpour.

Aguilera has been showcasing her trip on Instagram, posting clips from the event over the past few days. Her recaps included fireworks, a pyrotechnic backdrop to her performance of "Dirrty," and behind-the-scenes rehearsal footage. Other outfits included a long-sleeved catsuit with puffy, ruffled sleeves, and a long, shiny leather coat. Though her new photos show her with long wavy hair — and impossibly long lashes paired with shimmering purple eyeshadow in the final shot — a Reel she shared has her in a high blonde ponytail.

JustJared notes that her set included "Genie in a Bottle" and "The Voice Within" as well as a version of "A Million Dreams" from The Greatest Showman. One of Aguilera's next performances includes a headlining spot at LA Pride in the Park in Los Angeles. While she hasn't shared any details about that show just yet — it's scheduled for June 11 — it's safe to say she'll be wearing something amazing. If her past outfits are any indication (all-snake everything, Stripped throwbacks, and red corsets), she's not one to shy away from a little bit of attention.

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