Save for a pair of sexy leather gloves.

Christina Aguilera turned 41 years old yesterday, and she wore nothing but her birthday suit to celebrate the occasion — well, save for a pair of sexy leather gloves.

On Saturday, the singer shared a gallery of images of herself posing topless in front of a silver satin curtain with her platinum blonde hair strategically covering her chest. She wore only black opera-length gloves, and in a few photos, she also added a pair of oversized square-shaped sunglasses that rested on the bridge of her nose. Beauty-wise, Christina threw it back to the '90s with overlined lips paired with light eyeshadow.

"XTINA XLI," she wrote in reference to her 41st birthday.

Last year, Aguilera opted for more clothing during her 40th birthday photoshoot, but nonetheless, she was still just as sexy. In a set of snapshots posted to her grid, she wore a plunging black leather blazer with matching pants and a butt-length braid to ring in the next decade. "Arriving at 40," she captioned her post, which also included a personal letter that addressed her new age.

"Dear 40, What a beautiful concept… to not only be 'turning' 40, but to be ARRIVING at 40!" she wrote. "This ever-present social stigma exists around getting older, but I have ALWAYS embraced it! … I've heard it said that some of your best life is lived in your 40's. You stop giving a f— about all the bullsh–… clarity comes over you, and a new intention sets in with every move you make. I truly believe the best is yet to come and I am READY for it."