Chrissy Teigen Got the Daintiest Hand Tattoos

Connect the dots.

More is more for Chrissy Teigen. Everyone's favorite Twitter pro (now free from the shackles of being followed by President Joe Biden) got new hand tattoos courtesy of her go-to artist, Daniel Winter. She shared an image of her hand on Instagram, showcasing the new collection of tiny dots. The specks go down her fingers, spanning her knuckles right up to her fingernails. And before anyone tries to figure out what the dots could possibly mean, Teigen's caption assured her followers not to try and get too deep. They don't mean anything — not that she intended, at least.

"Please don't tell me this means something in morse code," she wrote. "I just like dots."

Winter shared the photo on his feed, too. His caption revealed that he did the piece just last night, so the tattoo is pretty fresh.

"TINY TINY DOTS ON... @chrissyteigen hands got the pleasure of drawing this little design on her hands Lastnight!" he wrote on his post. "Always fun always and full of laughs at these sessions!"

Back in January, Winter inked the words "Ooooh Laaaa" on Teigen's spine, which would be her biggest tattoo so far. She also added the name Jack to her wrist in late 2020. That memorial tattoo sits alongside the names of her other children, Luna and Miles, and husband John.

Legend also got Jack tattooed on his wrist.

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