Chrissy Teigen Opened Up About Her "Difficult Pregnancy"

Teigen is currently on "super serious" bed rest.

Chrissy Teigen was put on bed rest last week, but apparently, she didn’t take the directive quite as seriously as she was meant to.

"I didn't really know that bed rest was in bed. I honestly thought bed rest was you have to really, really, really relax, stay home," she told her followers in her Instagram Story on Tuesday night (from her bed). "I thought it could be couch rest. But now I'm in trouble. Now I need bed rest.”

Teigen, who’s currently pregnant with her and husband John Legend’s third child together, admitted that “it’s a bit of a difficult pregnancy.”

“I will say I'm probably being punished for talking so much about how great the first two went,” she joked. “I was like, 'Oh yeah, pregnancy's awesome!' But now I get it. I get anyone that thinks it's not so awesome, but very happy to be carrying this baby.”

The Twitter queen surprised fans in August with her baby news, which was subtly revealed in the final frames of Legend’s “Wild” music video.

Teigen and Legend, who celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary earlier this week, are already the proud parents of daughter Luna, 4, and son Miles, 2.

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