Chrissy Teigen Is Being Mom-Shamed for Taking a Bath with Her Kids

Critics are branding the move as inappropriate.

Chrissy Teigen is being criticized on the internet once again — this time, for taking a bath with her kids.

On Thursday, the model shared a picture of herself and her two children — Luna, 5, and Miles, 3 — sitting in the bathtub together. Teigen posed in the middle with only bubbles covering her bare chest, while Miles was positioned to her right, and Luna on her left. "Not pictured: endless bickering," she captioned the sweet family photo.

Immediately after posting the snapshot, Chrissy was called out by critics who thought she was being inappropriate for not only sharing the photo on social media, but also for being naked in front of her kids. "Bickering between kids is normal. Taking a bath with your kids is not," wrote one user. Another added, "Nope! Not appropriate in front of your son." Meanwhile, a third critic thought Luna and Miles were "too old" to be bathing with their mom.

However, others saw nothing wrong with the photo. "Being naked isn't sexual unless you do something sexual while naked," wrote one supporter. "If you think that boy is gonna look at his mom's naked body and think sexual thoughts then that says more about your depravity than it does anything else. The naked body is natural."

Surprisingly, Teigen, aka the queen of clapbacks, hasn't responded.

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