7 Reasons Chrissy Teigen and Her Mom Need a Reality Show

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When news broke that Chrissy Teigen and her mom were in talks for a reality show, it was like our prayers were answered. As an avid Chrissy (and Cravings) fan, I’ve been saying for years that these two are the funniest thing to happen to Snapchat, and finally, they seem to be open to the idea.

“I never wanted one before because I thought of it as like, ‘John and I.’ It is kind of the kiss of death. But with mom, she just does things on a daily basis that I’m actually ashamed we don’t film. She is just so funny,” she recently said.

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In case you don’t follow Vilailuck Teigen (aka @pepperthai2) on Instagram, here are seven reasons why E! needs to pick up this reality show, stat.

1. There would be some amazing cooking tutorials.

Chrissy’s mom, who grew up in Thailand, taught her everything she knows about food. She collaborated with the model on her bestselling cookbook, Cravings, and together they would be able to dish up some seriously delicious (and funny) cooking tutorials.

2. They’re not afraid of embarrassing each other.

When Pepper Thai posted some “unapproved Instagrams” of Chrissy, she got back at her mom by posting a naked picture of her in the tub. While this photo was supposed to be embarrassing for her mom, she looks totally flawless in the snap, so I guess it was a win for them both?

3. They roast John together.

Chrissy’s trolling of hubby John Legend is well documented, and her mom even gets in on the fun. Back in February, John was doing a Facebook live when Vilailuck decided to chime in. “Hi from home Chrissy said what time will u be home for dinner and bring your new friend,” she jokingly commented on the video. Teigen posted a screenshot to Twitter, writing, “Answer mom @johnlegend.” Clearly, these two know the art of a good roast.

4. They’re the ultimate drinking buddies.

From drinking Smirnoff together to partying with Stella Artois, there’s no doubt these two are a fun duo to be around.

5. They hilariously reenact movie scenes together.

One of Chrissy’s favorite pastimes is to have her Thai mom reenact dramatic movie scenes or jokes she finds on Twitter, and the results are always hilarious.

6. They have no problem towing the line into NSFW territory.

When Chrissy’s nude photos get censored on Instagram, Vilailuck isn’t disappointed in her daughter’s state of undress. In fact, it’s the exact opposite: The proud mom reposted Chrissy’s photo, with a conveniently placed emoji covering her chest. “Just in case they take it [down],” she wrote.

7. She’s basically the third co-parent to baby Luna.

This face needs no further explanation.

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