Chrissy Teigen LEAD
Credit: @chrissyteigen / Twitter

Where does Chrissy Teigen keep getting this stuff? And by stuff we mean these amazing fast-food pajamas. A few weeks ago, the internet lost its cool when she debuted her Big Mac PJs, and now the 31-year-old model is at it again—this time breaking out a Kentucky Fried Chicken onesie.

Last night, Teigen and hubby John Legend enjoyed a “pajama jam party,” basically an excuse (and a good one!) for Teigen to show off more of her impressive fast-food-themed sleepwear. The Sports Illustrated model skipped the silky lingerie and opted for a red and white onesie featuring the visage of Colonel Sanders on the front, while Legend went with a more modest, allover fried-chicken-print onesie (both by ScruffySwanks, InStyle has learned). The two posed for a cute picture together, reminding us that they are, in fact, one of the coolest couples around.

VIDEO: Chrissy Teigen Shows Off Her Big Mac PJs

As if the outfit itself wasn’t hilarious enough, Teigen also tweeted about the struggle of getting ready, writing, “The best part of a pajama jam party is my hair and makeup people trying to make a look out of a kfc onesie.”

Eventually her team made it work, opting for two “space buns” and an understated makeup look.

Chrissy and John, please invite us next time.