By Isabel Jones
Jan 08, 2018 @ 5:30 pm
Christopher Polk/Getty

There is little we love more than the incredible relationship between Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. It’s like a rom-com come to life—he sings chart-topping love songs about her, she posts mean tweets in return. Their story is a Meg Ryan movie begging to be written.

Chrissy’s witty social media presence never fails to crack us up, especially when she brings her famous husband into the mix. Teigen makes some harsh jokes at Legend’s expense, but anyone who sees these two together knows that their relationship is rock solid.

For your entertainment, we’ve collected Chrissy’s best-ever social media digs at her hubby. I mean, seriously, give these two a reality show already!

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Enjoy …

When She Congratulated Him on His "Vision"

When She Called Out His Frenchness on Instagram

When She Sang His Praises

When She Kindly Reminded John that He Did **NOT** Win an Oscar This Year

When John's Hacker Made Her Day

When She Responded to this Viral Meme


When She Revealed Her Brilliant Marriage Plot


When She Held Nothing Back

When She Shared the Secret Behind Her Successful Marriage



When She Vocalized Her Fantasies


When She Kept John Humble


When She Took Credit Where it Was Due


When She Gave Her Unbiased Feedback

When She Was Wary About John's Piano Lessons


When She Dragged John And His Many Honorary Doctorates


When She Relished John's Misspelled Name Tag


When She Consulted the Internet for Help


When She Wiped John's Tears


When She Lived Out Our Revenge Fantasy

When She Found John a New Wife

When She Banned John From Accessorizing