Chrissy Teigen Is Now Wearing John Legend's Face on Her Butt

At the very least, it's leggings goals.

How much is Chrissy Teigen into husband John Legend, really? Well, enough to wear his face on her butt, apparently.

On Thursday (February 6), Teigen hit Instagram with a hilarious butt-first pose that showed off a new pair of leggings she was trying on.

No big deal or anything – they just had Legend's face right on the seat of the pants, surrounded by a bright red heart and other embellishments. Not once, but twice – meaning Chrissy was wearing two times the hubby on her butt.

Obviously pleased with her new, totally fashionable look, Teigen captioned her post "We get… really random stuff sent to the house." The leggings were a gift! "Thanks to whomever sent these."

In a hilarious turn of events, Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski replied in the comments "I'm happy you're enjoying them," alongside a heart emoji The leggings, created, customized, and sent to Teigen by way of Goldsheep, were a fun gag gift from the star. And honestly? We're kind of feeling them.

Teigen has actually worn John's face before, believe it or not. Taking to the Lip Sync Battle Instagram page, she once donned a onesie alongside friends that featured his Sexiest Man Alive People cover right on the front. It takes a strong personality (and relationship, naturally) to pull that one off, and we're glad that she did.

But if you ask us, nothing can top a pair of leggings with your lover's face on them. And yet again, Chrissy proves why she's the queen of serving hilarity and style – these funky leggings, care of Antoni.

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