12 of Chrissy Teigen's Most Hilarious Twitter Feuds

There are many reasons Chrissy Teigen has become a household name. Yes, she’s a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. Yes, she’s gorgeous. Yes, her husband is John Legend. And yes, her daughter Luna is one of Hollywood’s cutest celebrity babies.

But let’s be real, the greatest reason for Teigen’s ascent to fame is that she’s an unapologetically outspoken women, completely unafraid of standing up for what she believes in and often throwing subtle jabs while doing it, too. Don’t believe us?

Take a look at our November cover star's Twitter account, where for years she’s clapped back at people who criticize her parenting skills or love life, plus anyone named Donald Trump. Funnily enough, Teigen never fails to troll her husband on the social media platform either, calling him out for not winning an Oscar and even taking it upon herself to look up “John Legend sucks.”

Below, 11 of the talent’s best, most unforgettable Twitter feuds.

with a Man Who Said She Peaked

After Trump blocked Teigen on Twitter earlier this year, haters were quick to say the model peaked, adding that Trump’s attention is the best thing that’ll ever happen to her. She snapped back with one epic photo of her and Legend in Italy, also writing, “I have a best-selling book, great boobs, a family I love, am literally eating pasta on a lake in Italy, and I married rich.”

with Blender Companies

After promising to send a fan who purchased her book, Cravings, a blender, she poked fun at Vitamix for somehow knowing she was talking about blenders. They followed up, she called them spies, and then NutriBullet made their move, prompting her to call it the “blender wars.”

with People Wondering How Luna Is

Ten days after Teigen's daughter, Luna, was born, she went out to dinner without the little one, which prompted mommy-shamers everywhere to criticize the star for leaving her baby at home. She responsed with possibly the best tweet ever:

With Kermit the Frog

Teigen wrote about being thankful for never getting a tattoo of Kermit the Frog and thanks to his hilarious response, we've learned that Muppets can clap back, too.

with Any and All Mommy-Shamers

She had enough, to put it plainly.

With Katie Cassidy

When actress Katie Cassidy criticized sports host Erin Andrew’s work, Teigen came to Andrew's defence, basically telling Cassidy to JUST STOP.

With People Who Tweet, Then Delete

Think she’s not paying close attention? Think again. Chrissy notices when people post mean tweets about her, only to remove them, thinking nobody noticed.

With Piers Morgan

Morgan and Teigen have a complicated social media history. In Morgan's column for The Daily Mail, he criticized Jennifer Aniston for previously allowing images of herself to be photoshopped and then commenting about how the media scrutinizes her body. So madness ensued. Even John Legend got involved in this war.

With a Woman Named Debbie

This piece of perfection explains itself.

With a Man Who Asked If Her Turkey Is Bigger Than Her Behind

She called him out in a video.

With John Legend

Okay, not a feud, but Teigen has always used Twitter to make fun of her husband, addressing the fact that people compare him to the animated character Arthur, taking credit for his Grammy nominations, and teasing him for simply being himself.

with Donald Trump

In 2015, President Trump retweeted another post speaking negatively of Teigen, to which she replied, “the greatest birthday gift ever.”

Boy, how times have changed since.

In July, Trump blocked Teigen, though that hasn’t stopped her from sharing her opinions on his time in office.

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