Chris Pratt LEAD
Credit: Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

If you don't follow Chris Pratt on Instagram, we recommend you do so immediately. The actor's feed is a treasure trove of hilarious posts, from behind-the-scenes pics from the set of his new movie, Passengers (in theaters Dec. 21), to videos of him getting beautified before filming late-night talk show segments. In honor of the film's release, we rounded up Pratt's funniest Instagrams ever, for your laughing pleasure. You're welcome.

1. When he "danced his face pretty" in a makeup chair.

2. When he cropped Jennifer Lawrence out of a selfie.

3. When he posed like a French girl.

4. That time he posted outtakes from InStyle's Man of Style feature.

5. When his son, Jack, failed to recognize his pancake-making skills.

6. When he smoldered during a photo shoot.

7. When his wife, Anna Faris, attempted to fly a kite.

8. When his cell phone was manhandled.

9. That time he sang Fifth Harmony to a toy unicorn.

10. When he sassed his glam squad during the Jurassic World press tour.

11. When he flaunted his Lego figurine around France.

12. When he had a staring contest with a statue.

13. When he rubbed Valentino perfume all over his body.

14. That time he was attacked by a raccoon.

15. When he French-braided Faris's hair and documented it for the world to see.