Before Coldplay's a concert stop in Manila, Philippines, the band's frontman Chris Martin visited a hospital to meet one of the group's biggest fans.

Ken Santiago, a medical student at the University of the Philippines-Manila, reportedly suffers from Stage 4 cancer. And one of his dreams was to attend the Coldplay concert on Tuesday night. He waited in line for hours to buy a platinum ticket to the show but, ultimately, wasn't able to attend due to illness.

Coldplay found out about their super fan's situation through an open letter to the band that Santiago's brother posted on Facebook. "A week ago, he already turned over his platinum ticket to my younger brother," he penned. "He does not show he is sad, he said it's OK. But we can feel that he really wanted to be there. But due to his health condition that we cannot compromise."

Santiago and his family accepted that he wouldn't be able to attend, though the show would've been a life-changing moment for him. "I am sending you this open letter to ask a little favor if the band could just say 'hi' or a short message for him to make him feel better," he continued.

After thousands of shares and likes, the message reached the organizer of the Manila concert, Rhizza Pascua. And the rest was history.

Santiago used a white board to communicate with the rocker since his medical condition prevented him from talking. Martin gave loads of Coldplay merchandise, their latest album, and his hat.

This made our day and we hope Santiago pulls through.