There's officially nothing Chris Hemsworth can't make sexy.

Ladies and gentlemen of planet Earth, in case you had any doubt, this new series of Instagram photos proves that the 33-year-old Aussie is a god among men. As evidence, we propose two additions to the extensive list of things the Thor star makes look hot: horse whispering and photobombing. (The two charming, yet unrelated skills join his other swoon-worthy talents, which include fatherhood, marriage, basketball, surfing, brotherhood, hammer-throwing, flexing, and breathing, among a few others.)

First, a simultaneously sexy/sweet/cute/funny moment with his horse, documented by his wife, Elsa Pataky, shows impressive horse whispering skills. Seriously, have you ever seen anything more beautiful?

He's even raising little horse whisperers!

And photo-bombing? He's a natural! Just look at the poise, confidence (and abs) he displays below as he manages to steal the spotlight in the background of this photo. Seriously guys, get out of his shot.

Chris, thank you for being the sexy, photo-bombing, horse-whispering dad of our dreams.