By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Jul 21, 2017 @ 8:00 am

"Netflix and chill" clearly just doesn’t cut it for Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky. It seems like date night in the Hemsworth house is a bit more action-packed and, uh, physical.

As the surfing pics and extreme sports videos the actor regularly posts would suggest, Hemsworth and Pataky unplug, ditch their iPads, and get out in the elements. "We just went camping up the coast, literally just camped on the beach," Hemsworth told InStyle. But instead of making it a couples-only event, the actors bring along their three adorable kids.

"All day long we were fishing, surfing, swimming, and there’s nothing better,” he continued.

Because he’s basically Thor in real life, this is regular occurrence for the Hemsworth family, too. Every few weeks, the family hops in the car for an epic beach cruise. “You can drive for hours on the stretch of coast and just camp wherever you want and fish. It’s pretty special."

Apart from camping, Hemsworth told InStyle it’s his goal to get the entire family rock-climbing.

"I was talking to Jason Momoa and he's in Australia at the moment and he’s done it since he was a kid," he said. "In the gym where he’s working, he had this whole rock climbing thing that he set up and built. These kids were doing it, and he was talking about it and saying it’s great—it’s a great core strength and workout, but it’s also problem solving."

While Hemsworth seems like he conquers every sport under the sun, there is one that Pataky can outdo him in. "Horse-riding," he told InStyle of the activity his wife excels at. "She’s an amazing horse rider."

The Huntsman certainly had us fooled.