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Do you remember the last movie that made you cry? Was it the millionth TV rerun of A Walk to Remember? Or, if you’re an overtly sensitive Cancer like me, maybe all it takes is a Gerber Baby commercial. Regardless, we can assure you that you'll never guess the last flick that made Thor actor Chris Hemsworth tear up.

The cry sesh was thanks to little Charlie Bucket's selflessness during a recent family viewing of Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

"There's a part in the movie when Charlie gets the ticket, and [his family's] like, 'Oh my god—you've won!" And he says, 'No. I'm going to sell it because we need the money more than we need the chocolate,'" Hemsworth told InStyle during a campaign event for his new Boss Bottled Tonic fragrance. "The act just broke my heart, and I thought, 'What a sweet kid.'"

Hemsworth's wife, actress Elsa Pataky, was just as surprised as we were, he said. "I'm sitting there watching with my kids and my wife, and she's like, 'Are you crying?!' And I’m like, ‘No…Yes!'"

When Hemsworth first told us it was Willy Wonka that made him bawl, we thought he had to be referring to that creepy boat scene in the 1971 version starring Gene Wilder. But we're not judging. Like I said, I cry when babies giggle.

Hemsworth, adorably, went on to explain the outburst. "He's so sweet, and he’s doing it all for his family. He's going to give up all that chocolate and his dream to take care of his family. It was beautiful. Everything with kids just breaks my heart.”

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Are you aww-ing yet? Did you need a tissue? Same.