Chloe x Halle Were Rocking Fanny Packs Before They Came Back in Style

Fanny packs may be the year’s hottest bag trend, but Chloe x Halle have been rocking them long before they came back in style. The teenage sisters appear on this week’s episode of Dirty Laundry with Laura Brown and discuss the clothing and accessories they can’t stop wearing, including a chic Gucci belted purse.

“I rock this everywhere and everybody who knows me knows I love a fanny pack. I have like 10,” Chloe tells Brown in the video at top. “I’m still collecting, but the one I used to wear all the time, it was this jean, bulky, kind of tacky fanny pack I got in Copenhagen. I’d wear it so much it kind of got on mom’s nerves. She’s like, ‘We need to upgrade.’ So my 19th birthday just passed in July and my family and my Parkwood family surprised me with this, and now I wear this everywhere I go.”

“Whether I’m wearing sweats, I’m still kind of rocking in style,” Chloe adds.

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As for Halle, one of her favorite pieces of the moment is a NASA bomber jacket that she actually stole from her big sister’s closet.

“I got so many compliments the minute I wore the jacket, and then Chloe was like, ‘You know that’s my jacket. I would like to wear my jacket,’” the 17-year-old joked.

Watch the clips above for more from these talented and stylish sisters.

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