They really are just like us.

Sophia Bush Dogs
Credit: sophiabush/Instagram

From PB&J to jeans and T-shirts to Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody, some combinations just make life better. A mash-up we’d add to the list? Animal videos and celebrities. To wit, we’ve asked some of our favorite self-isolating stars, from Christina Ricci to Kat Graham, to capture the quality time they're spending with pets. We already reported on the trend of all the single ladies adopting and fostering pets while in quarantine, and you know that old saying — "Celebrities, they're just like us!" — well, there might be a little more licking involved than we thought. But enjoy the heartwarming footage (and a few laughs) in this video. It may just brighten up your day (week, month, etc.) in isolation, whether you've got a furry friend to snuggle or not.