Jeremy Zuttah - Lead
Credit: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

When Ravens player Jeremy Zuttah and his fiancée, Heran Haile, found out that their beloved pit bull could not attend their City Hall ceremony (dogs are not allowed in), they didn't even think twice about changing their wedding venue. Why go through so much hassle, you may ask? Well, it turns out that their dog Ace was also one of Zuttah's groomsmen.

“He wasn’t the best man because he can’t speak,” Heran joked on the team's website. “You have to do a speech at the reception.”

So instead of getting hitched in City Hall, the couple found a gym in downtown Baltimore that they converted into a beautiful wedding venue and Ace got to walk down the isle with Zuttah's brother.

"I just could not imagine getting married without him. He's with us every day everywhere we go. I thought everyone was crazy about their dog like I am," Heran said.

Check out the video of him below—never has a groomsman looked so dapper: