Find out how McDreamy pulled it off.

By Carson Blackwelder
Updated Sep 07, 2016 @ 5:30 pm
Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink - Lead
Credit: Samir Hussein/WireImage

Patrick Dempsey’s 15-year marriage to wife Jillian nearly came to an end when he announced in January 2015 they’d be splitting up. Little did we all know, however, that the Grey’s Anatomy star and the makeup artist were working things out in private and are back on the right track.

“Our marriage was not something I was prepared to let go of,” the 50-year-old actor told People, revealing how he and Jillian turned things around. “I didn’t feel like we had done all the work. And we both wanted to do that work. That’s where it started.”

The upcoming Bridget Jones’s Baby star called the potential end of this relationship “scary” and admitted that couples counseling was “very important” in keeping his family—which includes 14-year-old daughter Talula and 8-year-old twin sons Darby and Sullivan.

“It’s always destabilizing when you’re potentially breaking up a family or you have a big section of your life that’s ending,” Dempsey said. He began to realize his “union has to be the priority” and began to focus on that, pulling out of Grey’s Anatomy and cutting back on his car racing.

McDreamy calls this a “new beginning” for his marriage and gives credit to both “communication” and “lots of sex” as important things that have helped the relationship improve.

“Everybody has their own path,” Dempsey added. “Jill and I decided it was time to work on our issues and improve. We wanted to be role models for our kids like, OK, if you have differences, you can work them out.”