Christian Siriano Brad Walsh Wedding - Lead 2016
Credit: bradwalsh/Instagram

Huge congratulations are in order for Christian Siriano! The designer and longtime boyfriend Brad Walsh got married in their country home in Danbury, Connecticut. Actress Kristen Johnston who got ordained for the occasion (you know, the good old fashioned over-the-Internet kind of way) officiated the beautiful ceremony, and the grooms borrowed their vows from The Velveteen Rabbit.

The all-white wedding was attended by a slew of Hollywood celebs such as Christina Hendricks, Alicia Silverstone, Kelly Osbourne, and Anna Chlumsky, who were all dressed in white Christian Siriano gowns. Danielle Brooks of Orange Is The New Black even performed (yes, as in sang) at the event which Siriano called "one of the most amazing moments of the night." We only wished we had been there to witness it. Check out the photos below: