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Some superstar moms make it all seem so easy—their bodies are back to pre-baby perfection within weeks after giving birth, their adorable children are always wearing the world’s cutest dry-clean-only couture, and they float around in a perpetual glow telling everyone how motherhood is the most fulfilling role they’ve ever played.

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And then there are the celebrity moms who keep it real, admitting that motherhood is as messy and exhausting as it is exhilarating. They let us know that postpartum depression is a very real thing—even for a mom who seems to “have it all.” They even dare to share pictures of their children behaving badly or covered from head to toe in food rather than designer labels. We salute these six moms…

1. Zoë Saldana, for Admitting Motherhood and Heels Don’t Always Mix

Sure, the Guardians of the Galaxy star always looks stunning on the red carpet, but she confessed that she’d rather be wearing flats chasing her two sons. "It hurts to be in heels still,” she told InStyle. “There’s something that happens to your body hormonally, and it’s not just the weight you acquire, but it’s also your nerves, your muscles. Everything is just so, agh! So everything hurts and feels uncomfortable.”

2. Drew Barrymore, for Sharing Her Candid Disney Pictures

Instead of showing off darling photos of her two daughters sprinkling fairy dust in the Happiest Place on Earth, the Santa Clarita Diet star explained to Seth Meyers what really happens when a kid gets too much excitement. “If you’ve ever taken your kids to Disney, it all ends in mayhem,” Drew told Seth, showing him pictures of her daughter Olive splat on the ground having full-out tantrums at both Disneyland and Disney World (also, kudos to Drew for pointing out the fact that she was 20 pounds heavier in one photo than the other, proving that even movie-star moms deal with yo-yo weight gain).

3. Kelly Clarkson, for Admitting the Hormones Get the Best of Her

Who can ever forget the nine-months-pregnant star breaking down while singing “Piece by Piece” on American Idol. “Sorry, I’m super-pregnant and hormonal!” she told the audience. The down-to-earth singer has also admitted that she suffered the blues after her daughter’s difficult birth and, instead of insisting on only organic baby food, she admits she let her kid occasionally indulge in a messy, sugary glob of Nutella—and then had to endure all the backlash.

4. Kristen Bell, for Revealing the True Scent of Motherhood

Rather than use her kids as accessories, the Bad Moms actress has made a policy never to post pictures of her kids with hubby Dax Shepard (“I don’t even look them in the eye,” she jokes). And how can you not love a mom who shares this truth bomb: Having young kids means “you always smell like a mix of urine and avocado.”

5. Chrissy Teigen, for Showing Us Anyone Can Suffer From Postpartum Depression

Teigen is famous for her hilarious tweets, many of which feature her cutie-pie daughter Luna with husband John Legend, but she’s not afraid to reveal the dark side of motherhood, too. She’s joined celebs including Brooke Shields, Courtney Cox, and Amanda Seyfried, who have candidly discussed their battles with depression during pregnancy and postpartum.

6. Jessica Biel, for Being an Exhausted Working Mom

Yes, she’s stunningly gorgeous and, yes, she gets to come home to Justin Timberlake every night, but you have to give her major mom props for posting this photo, with the caption “SPOTTED! In her natural state, notice the slack jaw, deep sleep and palpable fatigue of this creature. Yes, it is a working mom.”

7. Anna Faris, for Admitting She’s Just Winging It

When asked what she has in common with her character on Mom, Faris, who has a son with Chris Pratt says, “We both seem to have no idea of what we’re doing! I’m so clueless, but every day is an adventure.” Amen, Anna.

8. Tia Mowry, for Not Caring What Anyone—Even Her Sister—Thinks of Her Parenting Choices

Rather than trying to follow all the expert advice, Tia does whatever works for her family, even if her twin disagrees. "I never pushed my son to walk and I won’t do ‘cry it out,'" she has said in the past. "Cree only started sleeping in his own bed when he was three and a half…Tamera is more by the book, like my own mom who says, ‘Why does Cree still have a bottle in his mouth?’ I say, ‘Mom, he’s not going to college with a pacifier or co-sleep when he’s a teen!'"

Bonus Mom-to-be: Mindy Kaling

The star of The Mindy Project and the upcoming Wrinkle in Time has always kept it real, sharing her flaws and quirks with the whole world in her books and onscreen. Since she recently revealed she’s expecting a baby, we can’t wait to hear how she copes with the human comedy that is parenthood. Bring it on, Mindy!